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Share Your....Love of Musicals. Yes, Love.

Grrr...Les Mis help?
Hey all!

So here's the story. I'm going to Paris for the first time ever in a few weeks. I'm currently packing all the wonderful France-based musical CDs in my luggage to, ba-dum, listen to IN the country! I mean, how awesome to fall asleep to Music of the Night or have a Les Mis music spree before going to Luxembourg Gardens/'new' Cafe Musain, etc?

One problem...I only have the first and third cd of Les Miserables the Complete Symphonic Recording. 

After being severely disappointed, now I'm groveling and pleading that if you have the second CD, I'll trade anything I have for it x.x

Here's my email! liz24601@ymail.com

Or if you gift it here, I'll love you eternally and still try to work out some kind of trade so you get something out of this too!

Merci beaucoup mes amis!

The Phantom of the Opera
phantom of the opera

Yesterday (4 September 2010) was the final performance date for John Cudia and Jennifer Hope Wills.

I'm looking for video of either performance (matinee or evening) but complete audio would be great as well.

I would literally trade my entire list for a nice quality video, and possibly even for an excellent audio.

List is here: fancyillusions.webs.com/ or you can just view my journal.

Contact: MyFancy14@yahoo.com or through a pm here, if you would prefer.

Sorry for the slight cross-posting.

one of three: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JS0UVORI
two of three: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KQLXYIS2
three of three: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QWVKXPH8

Washington, DC: 2007 2 Aug.

     John Cudia, Marni Raab, Greg Mills, D. C. Anderson, Bruce Winant,

     Laureen Vigil (u/s), Rebecca Judd, John Whitney, Polly Baird

Going to see the Cheno this weekend?
Just a request, if anyone is going to see Kristin Chenoweth perform at the Cinci Pops this weekend, could you please record it!? I'm devestated that I had to sell my ticket...and I don't have much that I can trade for it (all I have are the same OBCRs that like everybody else buys from Best Buy), but I'm willing to pay for it via money order or PayPal, just let me know!


(no subject)
You get a prize if you name this theatre
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Want's Cléopatre La Dernière Reine d'Egypte

I search this CD: "Cléopatre La Dernière Reine d'Egypte".


My List find here: ListCollapse )

Die Schöne und das Biest (German) O.S.T

Musical Forever

Hello, Everyone! I'm new. I'm also new to trading. I'm really living in the dark ages! I had no idea until recent that you could actually get broadway videos. lol. I've been talking to a few other traders and I found out that I should have a freewebs page. So I just made one after being able to collect a few things first. It doesn't have a TON on it. But I do have a few things.

I was wondering does anyone perhaps have any of these:

The Little Mermaid (Not Pre-Broadway) (video)
Legally Blonde with Becky Gulsvig (Video)

I have a few other things but I was just thinking of starting off and asking Here's my trade page: http://www.freewebs.com/whatyouwantisrightinfrontofyou/

GIFT: (Just figuring out how to gift.)

The Little Mermaid OBC Soundtrack

Enchanted [Encantada - Spanish Soundtrack]

I search the soundtrack [Encantada - Spanish]



1. Sueño un beso - Gisela, Pablo Perea & Héctor Cantolla
2. Canta mi canción - Gisela
3. Eso es amor - Gisela, Tony Cruz & Pablo Perea
4. So Close - Jon McLaughlin
5. Ever Ever After (Record Version) - Carrie Underwood
6. Andalasia
7. En el pozo
8. Robert dice adiós
9. Nathaniel y Pip
10. La búsuqeda del príncipe Edward
11. Las chicas se van de compras
12. Narissa llega
13. El final del cuento
14. Suite Encantada
15. That's Amore - James Marsden

:More Info`sCollapse )

Not this CD!!! http://www.castalbums.org/recordings/10520

I hope anyone can help me.

My list find here:ListCollapse )

Requests (Gemignani, Cyrano, and Sarich)
Hey All! I guess I've been a bit too specific when it comes to obscure requests lately, so today I'll just say that I'm looking for:

-Anything at all that's related to ALEXANDER GEMIGNANI or DREW SARICH that I do not already have.

-Cyrano: The Musical, video footage (I know there's an opening night featurette floating around out there) I will pay cash!

Anyway! Take a look at my list, it at: http://jen-jen0708.livejournal.com/. Please email me at jnnfrswanssf@gmail.com. Mahalo yo! Peace and love and all that good shit.

Assassins -- Broadway Video

Does anyone have a decent quality video of the Assassins Broadway cast? As long as it has Cerveris, I'm happy. Um, because of a computer crash I lost all of my videos, but I have a pretty big list of CDs for trade.



Full Monty Broadway recording

Open for trades...
I'm open for general trades: audios online, DVDs offline. Check out my list: http://trekkietrading.wordpress.com

Some wants (not limited to these):
- anything with Roger Bart or John Lloyd Young
- anything Young Frankenstein or Jersey Boys

GiftsCollapse )