Share Your....Love of Musicals. Yes, Love.

Hey everyone! Since I just found a ton of things I’d love to have, I’d like to clear up some of my wants.


As stated above, I’m mainly interested in soundboard audios and right now, but I’ll also trade for any of my other wants. No general trade requests, please! Please reply via e-mail. Thanks!

A couple of requests & GIFTS!!
I've been here for a while & haven't figured out how to do the gift thing until recently...SO...with that said...

Here is my list of wants:
-Sunset Blvd. (Glenn Close)
-Sunset Blvd. (Patti Lupone)
-ANY Michael Cerveris
-ANY Michael C. Hall
-Gypsy (Patti Lupone)
-also, I don't know if it's even available anywhere...but does anyone have Michael Cerveris hosting the pre-show for the Tonys this year?
-South Pacific

My list of stuff for you if you want it...
-Spring Awakening (OBC)
-Sweeney Todd (OBC Revival)
-Assassins (OBC)
-David Cook (Music of the Night studio recording)
-Lauren Molina (I'm Okay)
-Anything Goes (OBC w/Patti Lupone)
-I Know Him So Well (Chess)
-Nobody's Side (Chess)
-LoveMusik (OBC)

General Trades, Wants, HELP and Gifts

Hi!  Here's my list -  Open for some general trades :)  VOB trades would be lovely!!  

Here are my (not so specific) wants that I am searching for:
-High Fidelity (absolutely anything) *I'm starting to get desperate for this*
-RENT (with the current cast)
-Aida (Will Chase as Radames) *Also getting pretty desperate...*

And, of course, GIFTS!! Yay!!
--Avenue Q w/ Barrett Foa [VIDEO]
--Cabaret [VIDEO]
1/4/04 ~ Broadway *Final Matinee*
Susan Egan, Adam Pascal, Blair Brown, Tony Roberts

Sunday Kennedy Center?
Emily Bronte by Slythwitch
Hi all,

Does anyone have an audio of the Kennedy Center production of "Sunday in the Park with George" with Raul Esparza as George?  I discovered that the tracking for my audio is woefully mislabeled, and I would really love to listen to this show in the right order.

And, if anyone has the video of this production or knows where I can get one, I would trade extremely unfairly and love you forever.

Gift for your trouble:
The Kennedy Center production of "Merrily, We Roll Along": 2002-08-09 Raul Esparza (Charlie) Michael Hayden (Frank), Miriam Shor (Mary), Emily Skinner (Gussie)

hxxp:// (I'm searching for a video of this, too, if one exists!)

Apologies for cross-posting

List (updated today):

john cameron mitchell
I was wondering, does anyone have anything of John Cameron Mitchell:

-6/14/08. John Cameron Mitchell. With Oh Man-seok . Olympic Hall
-6/16/08, “Unplugged” Concert, Korea - Sangsang Madang John Cameron Mitchell featuring Vodka Rain.
-10/21/2003. John Cameron Mitchell. Amoeba Records, Hollywood, CA
-Anything from the LA or NY Wed-Rock Concerts

or anything hedwig, that I dont

of course, sorry for the cross post!


Due to college *finally* being over, I have WAY too much spare time on my hands!
So if anyone needs any audios tracking, then I'd be happy to help!
These shows are the ones I know well enough to track properly:
Les Miserables
Legally Blonde
Spring Awakening

However, I am willing to attempt other shows, I just can't guarantee they'll be tracked correctly!


X-Posted, sorry xx

Hiya :D

I've finally got around to putting some stuff on eBay so check it out if you want!

Wicked signed programme - Kerry Ellis, Dianne Pilkington, etc...

item number = 140246702118

Signed photo of Kerry Ellis

item number = 140246703444

and there's more stuff coming on soon!

gift coming soon!


Sheet Music
Hi, I'm looking for sheet music for
Spring Awakening, Blood Brothers, Phantom of the Opera, Into the Woods and Hairspray.
I'm happy to trade for it, just leave a comment or message me.

Wicked US Tour
Carmen Cusack & Katie Rose Clark
12th January 2008

Legally Blonde Broadway
Becky Gulsvig u/s as Elle
16th September 2007

flash converter?
Hi there! I was wondering, does anyone here have a flash convert?
All the ones I find are either a) pay (which, as we are pirates, that's not tooooo keen) and b) are crap!

Just wooondering =D

Rent Tour
Sorry  to post this again, I did a while back.
It would be amazingly wonderful if anyone had something from the June 17 performance of this year's tour in Saint Paul, MN. 
Corey Joseph Mach was on as Roger, and I would really love to get anything at all from it.
I will trade ridiculously unfairly for it, I don't have a list but you can comment or email me,
Even any information as to where I could find something would be greatly appreciated.

cross posted, sorry.


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