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Grrr...Les Mis help?
jinxjynx wrote in musicalshare
Hey all!

So here's the story. I'm going to Paris for the first time ever in a few weeks. I'm currently packing all the wonderful France-based musical CDs in my luggage to, ba-dum, listen to IN the country! I mean, how awesome to fall asleep to Music of the Night or have a Les Mis music spree before going to Luxembourg Gardens/'new' Cafe Musain, etc?

One problem...I only have the first and third cd of Les Miserables the Complete Symphonic Recording. 

After being severely disappointed, now I'm groveling and pleading that if you have the second CD, I'll trade anything I have for it x.x

Here's my email!

Or if you gift it here, I'll love you eternally and still try to work out some kind of trade so you get something out of this too!

Merci beaucoup mes amis!

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I approve of this idea:)

I'll e-mail you in... about 20 minutes, once the upload is done.

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