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faerie_bottle wrote in musicalshare
Hello, Everyone! I'm new. I'm also new to trading. I'm really living in the dark ages! I had no idea until recent that you could actually get broadway videos. lol. I've been talking to a few other traders and I found out that I should have a freewebs page. So I just made one after being able to collect a few things first. It doesn't have a TON on it. But I do have a few things.

I was wondering does anyone perhaps have any of these:

The Little Mermaid (Not Pre-Broadway) (video)
Legally Blonde with Becky Gulsvig (Video)

I have a few other things but I was just thinking of starting off and asking Here's my trade page:

GIFT: (Just figuring out how to gift.)

The Little Mermaid OBC Soundtrack

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I have a little mermade video, but it is very rare.
Email me

we can talk about what i get in return!

I have a DVD of Legally Blonde with Becky Gulsvig (I also have a few of your other wants from your site as well)

I have these videos:

The Little Mermaid 1/30/08
OBC, but Bret Shuford (Prince Eric)
Great clarity and wonderful performance, but, some long blackouts (Not during song numbers). Great close-ups and quality!
Quality A+

The Little Mermaid 3/29/08 (VOB files) LIMITED TRADE
Cicely Daniels (Ursula)
A great video. Cicely is truly amazing as Ursula!
Quality A

Email me at and tell which one you would like :)

Welcome! Feel free to check out my list and choose one non-video gift for yourself (though I don't have a lot of your three favorite shows)!

Also, not to nitpick at you, but a "soundtrack" means that the recording is from a film, and a "cast recording" from a Broadway show. So "TLM Soundtrack" would be from the Disney film, and the "OBC" (period, no need to put anything after that) means "Original Broadway Cast" so it's clearly not the movie. I wouldn't make anything of it but for the fact that so many Bway shows are based on movies these days, so incorrectly labeling something could accidentally mislead a fellow trader.

Here's my list:

Thank you for helping me out on the correct terms! That's why I wanted to join, to learn more about trading. =) Thank you again!

Oh, for the non-video gift, would it be possible to get this:
Edward Scissorhands OLC

(Deleted comment)
Thank you for welcoming me! You're too nice! =)
Yes, I would LOVE the audio of LBB in Wicked! Wow! You all are very kind!

P.S. I didn't see a link for your list.

snagging the OBC with much thanks!! :)

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