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Assassins -- Broadway Video
phoenixflame7 wrote in musicalshare

Does anyone have a decent quality video of the Assassins Broadway cast? As long as it has Cerveris, I'm happy. Um, because of a computer crash I lost all of my videos, but I have a pretty big list of CDs for trade.



Full Monty Broadway recording

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hxxp:// - Assassins revival Bway cast, April 20, 2004. Enjoy!

OMG, thank you! Would you like anything in return? Here's a list of my CD's.

1776 – Original, Movie Cast
3 Musketiere – Berlin Cast
A Little Night Music – Original Cast
Assassins – Broadway Cast
Cabaret - Revival
Chicago – Movie Cast
Dance of the Vampires – Demo Cast
Der Glöckner von Notre Dame – Original Cast
Dracula – Concept
Elisabeth – Essen Cast
Full Monty – Original
Into the Woods – Original Cast
Jane Eyre – Broadway Cast
Jekyll & Hyde – Anthony Warlow 2-Disc Cast
Jekyll & Hyde – Bremen Cast
Jekyll & Hyde – Broadway Cast
Les Miserables – 10th Anniversary Cast
Lion King – Broadway, Movie Cast
Lord of the Rings – Original Cast
Ludwig II – Original Cast
Mozart – Original Cast
Nightmare Before Christmas
Notre Dame de Paris – American Cast
Notre Dame de Paris – Original Cast
Phantom of the Opera – Canadian Cast
Phantom of the Opera – Movie Cast
Phantom of the Opera – Original Cast
Prince of Egypt
Rebecca – Demo Cast (in English)
Rebecca – Original Cast
Scarlet Pimpernel – Original Cast
Sunday in the Park with George – Original Cast
Sweeney Todd – Original Cast, Movie Cast
Tanz der Vampire – Original Cast
The Producers – Movie Cast

awww i wish this link still worked...

Took the Assassins Video. Many thanks (it does still work, you just need to change hxxp to http)
I haven't listened to this show, so this should be an interesting experience.

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